As the mother of a young adult man I am all too aware of the pressures placed on him & his contemporaries to a carve a life for themselves in a rapidly changing world. Even with support, guidance, love, a sense of belonging & autonomy, they can flounder & fall under the weight of peer pressure, others’ expectations & their own, often supercharged, need to achieve and succeed.

 Sometimes the stress of living becomes overwhelming and, according to on average 12 men commit suicide every day in the UK alone, and it is the single biggest killer of young men under the age of 35. As a coach I work with men to reconnect with themselves so that they can learn to accept who they are and work with what they’ve got in order to achieve a solid and motivating sense of self-worth. As an artist I have created Brave New Guy to bring inspiration & support to boys & men around the world, one drawing at a time


 “I have friends who have lost sons, brothers and fathers to suicide. I am determined to use coaching & creativity to help men find a life-line to cling to so that they may climb out of the abyss and back into the light. Even better, I catch them well before they get to that point"                                                              Lou Hamilton. Creator of Brave New Guy